About Us

We are a dynamic, customer focused, transport and logistics company, moving dedicated cargo throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why Us?

We are a completely CUSTOMER FOCUSED company seeking to always provide the best service possible.

1. We are effecient

§ We know that time is very important to our customers. We provide a service that is within your expected time frame.

2. We keep you informed

§ We keep you updated on progress being made towards delivery on all our commitments to you; giving you a peace of mind.

3. We are honest

§ We are honest in all our work and dealings with our customers and stakeholders and we are honest in all our communication.

4. We are reliable

§ We always deliver on our commitments.

5. We are always improving

We constantly seek ways to:
§ Move more.
§ Move faster.
§ Serve our customers better.

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    We offer reliable and efficient road transportation to and from the following countries:
    • South Africa
    • Zambia
    • Malawi
    • Zimbabwe
    • Namibia
    . Botswana
    . Tanzania
    • Mozambique
    • Kenya
    • Angola
    • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)